Top tips for utilising talent in your organisation

Everyone is talented in some way or form. And while some may appear to be more talented than others, we all have something that we’re good at, and which is easy and natural for us to do. So, it’s important for employees to make better use of the talents inside their organisations, as it will […]

Five tips for dealing with unhealthy stress

Healthy stress does exist. It’s the butterflies in our stomach before a big presentation, the tension we feel before we go on holiday or when we’re watching an exciting soccer game. It’s temporary but makes us perform optimally, and disappearing afterwards so that the body can return to its natural state of rest. Negative stress […]

Increasing exercise in the office

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But, many of us spend most our working day sitting behind a computer, driving to and from work, and then moving between the dining table and couch in the evenings. That much sitting means that we get tired more quickly and can suffer from sleeping problems. In […]

Getting more out of your people with the SkillsTown learning approach

Getting the most out of your employees, and keeping them enthusiastic and motivated to learn and take on new challenges, is key to your success. But how do you go about doing this practically? Let’s take a look. The forget curve Training might already be on your agenda, but how many times do you send […]

Promote the health of your employees in three easy steps

Did you know that healthy employees are 18% more productive and 27% less absent than unhealthy colleagues? (Source: It goes without saying then, that keeping your team happy, healthy and fit should be one of your top priorities. And with more people now working from home – without the daily support or check-in of […]

Keeping top talent in your organisation

To keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly, you need to be attracting and retaining top talent. And this is much more than just offering a good salary – from the moment you start recruiting, through the onboarding process and beyond, you need to be an attractive employer to your people. Here are […]

How to get back into the swing of things after some time-off

For many people, January is one of the toughest months of the year. For one thing, you’ve blown your budget and your end-of-month pay check seems very far away. But more than that, you’ve had the most amazing holiday, and while you’re recharged and full of positive energy, the thought of getting back to the […]

From chaos to productivity in five easy steps

Life can be chaotic. Before the pandemic, how many times did we rush out of the house every morning, forgetting our phones, wallets, or even our fundamental front door key? Whilst we may slip straight from a quick breakfast to logging onto virtual meetings these days, what has not changed is that generally, we all […]

Top tips for top team performance

Managing a team efficiently calls for a manager to strike honest-to-goodness balance on a daily basis.As a progressive leader, you want your people to be able to use their talents and professional experience as effectively as possible, while making sure that all work-related responsibilities and commitments are met. At the same time, it is important […]

Create inspired micro-learning content

A laptop showing a micro-learning content module in the online learning platform of SkillsTown

Human Resources expert Josh Bersin points out that we only have 20 minutes per week to “learn” but that most of the time, we are so overwhelmed with emails and other tasks that even this is constantly interrupted. Learning “in the flow of work and home” is therefore imperative, which is where micro-learning or “essentials” […]