Promote the health of your employees in three easy steps

Did you know that healthy employees are 18% more productive and 27% less absent than unhealthy colleagues? This evidence shows the importance of creating a workplace environment that prioritises the well-being, happiness, and fitness of your team.

And with more people now working from home – without the daily support or check-in of colleagues and friends – it’s even more important to make sure that they are looking after themselves, getting some exercise and not falling into a downward mental spiral. Here are our three easy steps to promote the health of your employees.

Step 1: Facilitate your employees

Many of your employees will already be investing in their own personal health, but others don’t know where to start. And that’s really the hardest part – just to begin. By taking on a facilitating role as an organisation, you can help remove any existing barriers, making it easier for them to get started on their health journey.

Here are some ideas:

Step 2: Don’t forget mental health

Mental health is often overlooked, but it’s becoming a massive problem around the world, especially with the impact of Covid-19 and the many lockdowns it’s necessitated. Stress, anxiety and isolation, together with new the ways of living and working, is affecting the mental health and well-being of your employees in some way, no matter how well-adjusted they may seem. So how can you deal with this as an employer?

Step 3: Know how to motivate your employees

Unfortunately, even with all the tools in the world, if your employees do not have the motivation to get moving and stay healthy, they won’t achieve results. So you need to motivate them to get started, and then show them why it’s important for them to keep going. Sharing your own experience is a great way to communicate your support. This can be done during virtual coffee breaks. If your team hears that you take the time to look after yourself, chances are they’ll see the value in it for themselves. Sharing success stories about colleagues also works well. Think of colleagues who have started exercising, stopped smoking, lost weight or even completed a whole host of health-related training courses from SkillsTown in the field of health and vitality. When they see that their colleagues can do it, they are motivated to give it a try themselves!
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