SkillsTown is proud of its brand. To prevent damage to the brand, there are clear agreements about the use of the SkillsTown name and logo. SkillsTown does not allow any of her intellectual property rights to be reproduced or made public by third parties without her prior explicit consent.

Therefore, any person or organization wishing to use the SkillsTown name, logo or any other intellectual property right should contact the SkillsTown Communications Department in advance. An assessment will be made per application/situation whether permission will be granted. In case no authorization is granted but an intellectual property right of SkillsTown is used by a third party, SkillsTown will invoke its rights and will be able to sue the person using an intellectual property right. The resulting costs will be recovered from the third party. The use of SkillsTown’s intellectual property rights for commercial purposes is not allowed in any situation unless SkillsTown has given its express consent.

For questions or information you can contact SkillsTown.

Also the data displayed on this website, including products, texts, photographs, illustrations, graphic material, (trade) names, word marks and logos (together ‘brands’), are owned by or licensed to SkillsTown B.V. and are protected by copyright, trademark and/or any other intellectual property right. The aforementioned rights are in no way transferred to (legal) persons who gain access to this site. The content of this website may only be used for non-commercial private purposes. The user of the site is not allowed to multiply, forward, distribute, disseminate or make available to third parties against compensation, without prior written permission of SkillsTown B.V., except as far as strictly necessary for consulting the website.

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