Keeping top talent in your organisation

To keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly, you need to be attracting and retaining top talent. And this is much more than just offering a good salary – from the moment you start recruiting, through the onboarding process and beyond, you need to be an attractive employer to your people. Here are our three top tips.

Tip 1: Make sure your value proposition is clear

An attractive employer clearly identifies what they expect from their new recruits as well as from their existing employees. Put together a value proposition for each employee, consisting of various elements that form a good representation of who you are as an employer. These include job title, responsibilities, industry, business type, mission, vision and values, culture, mindset, development opportunities, location and terms of employment. Make sure that these truly represent who and what you are as an organisation.

Tip 2: Immerse yourself in what employees consider important

Today’s employees have different priorities than they did a couple of years ago. Today’s generation focuses on achieving a good work-life balance for example. In addition, people want to work somewhere that is happy and positive, where they can meet nice people and make friends, and belong to a company that they can be proud of.

The new generation of talent is also looking for meaning. They want to do things that are good for the environment, society and people as a whole. They want to have a positive impact and add value, and play an important role in the company that they work.

Employees also find it important to be given opportunities to improve their personal and professional skills and craftsmanship. They want to develop further through coaching, training and education, so facilitating training opportunities, such as through an online learning platform like SkillsTown, is very important.

So, think about how you can satisfy these desires. It will show that you care, and will go a long way in recruiting and retaining the best talent possible.

Tip 3: Know your identity

When you start looking for new hires, know exactly what it is that you’re after. Internal discussions with employees, managers and HR can often lead to some great ideas and results.

You also need to know the identity of your organisation and what you stand for. In short, who are you? What culture prevails, and what mindset, skills and knowledge do your employees need to be successful within your company? Live this every day, and communicate it inward and outward, so that current employees can identify with it and new recruits are attracted by it. And make sure that your onboarding process epitomises and communicates this identity from the get-go.

At SkillsTown, we offer over 140 online courses that can help you to successfully retain the best people in your organisation – and bring out the best in them at the same time. Contact us today for more information or reach out for a free demo.

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