Top tips for utilising talent in your organisation

Everyone is talented in some way or form. And while some may appear to be more talented than others, we all have something that we’re good at, and which is easy and natural for us to do.

So, it’s important for employees to make better use of the talents inside their organisations, as it will make your staff happier and perform better, and your business a lot more productive. Here are five tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Discover what the talents of your employees are

In order to be able to make better use of the talents inside your organisation, you need to know what they are first. Let your employees discover what these are, by keeping track of which activities and tasks they get energy from at work, and which ones consume energy. Another way they can discover their talents is by having them to think of three moments when they achieved something that they are proud of. It doesn’t matter what kind of moments they are, as long as they felt good and positive about it.

Tip 2: Find out whether the talents are being used properly

Now that you know what these talents are, assess whether they are being used in the right way. For example, if one of your employees is incredibly good at communicating, they shouldn’t be spending all day at a computer analysing data.

It is also important to see where talents are being used insufficiently. Suppose your employees are efficient workers, but they work in a restless environment with a lot of clutter. Use their efficiency to tidy up the office. A quiet, well-organised space will benefit everyone in your company.

Tip 3: Focus on talent development

There are many organisations where talent development receives little or no attention. Many companies are all about achieving goals and results, which means that too little attention is paid to what employees can do and what they are good at. Make sure your employees know that their talents matter, and give them the space to find and develop these talents. Make it a topic for discussion during periodic meetings and actively ask your employees about it. Perhaps you can devote attention to it organization-wide by proclaiming ‘a talent of the month’ for example.

Tip 4: Always aim for better

You can stimulate talent development by continuously asking your employees questions about how things are going. What can be improved? Build a culture in which you strive for improvement as an entire organisation. If that succeeds, employees will also look at what they can do better themselves.

Also look at yourself as a manager. Always be the best you can be. Live your company’s ideals and values in your everyday behaviour, and continually strive to develop your own talents too. This has a stimulating effect, and your employees will naturally follow your example.

Tip 5: Be more focused

Talent development is very under-rated, and as a result, is often not prioritised enough. It’s important for self-development, so focus on it to make sure that your employees can get the best out of themselves. At SkillsTown, we offer assessments where your people can find out what they’re good at and where they need to improve. Our online learning environment then gives them the opportunity to start developing or improving their talents with appropriate training courses. As a result, the business strategy improves, talents are better utilised and the organisation grows.

Do you want to make better use of the talent in your company? At SkillsTown, our online learning environment gives employees the space to develop their talent in their own way. Our online training courses are accessible and user-friendly, and will boost the professional and personal development of your employees. Contact us today for more information.

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