How to get back into the swing of things after some time-off

For many people, January is one of the toughest months of the year. For one thing, you’ve blown your budget and your end-of-month pay check seems very far away. But more than that, you’ve had the most amazing holiday, and while you’re recharged and full of positive energy, the thought of getting back to the daily grind is tough. And research by health and vitality organisation Arbo Unie supports this, showing that after a prolonged holiday period employees have less career satisfaction and are less involved than they were beforehand.

We can relate – over August we were lucky enough to spend some time away, but now it’s back with a bang! If you’re having the same problem, SkillsTown is on hand to help you to motivate your employees and make them enthusiastic about their work again, with the help of our online training courses, available 24/7 at the touch of a button.

Many employees also think about their career and the goals they want to achieve while on vacation. So respond to this upfront, by giving your team the space to develop themselves professionally when they get back, by investing in their personal development. Give them access to online training to help them realise their long-cherished ambitions. Discuss their learning objectives with them, and which courses are appropriate.
After a long holiday, many people want to wipe their slate clean and start afresh – just think of how many New Year’s resolutions are started in this way. But where do you start, and what is the best thing to start with first? SkillsTown has a number of practical courses that teaches employees to tackle their tasks efficiently, plan activities effectively and make sure that their daily to-do list is never too overwhelming.
As an organisation, you can even choose to bundle specific training courses together into a theme, making it easy for your people to quickly and easily find this content in an easy-to-use, online, learning environment.

Book a no-obligation demo today, where you’ll get a taste of the wide range of training courses we have available, and what our unique platform can offer you.

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