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Everyone learns differently. That's why on our platform, your employees can choose the learning solution that suits them best!

One platform, seven learning formats

Get to know the variety of learning solutions in our platform. From podcasts to webinars and everything in-between, its all there!


These interactive modules are made up of several chapters, allowing you to learn all the in’s and out’s of a certain subject at your leisure. Complete exercises, watch videos and learn from practical examples. Ideal for learning a foreign language or brushing up on your digital skills.


Some subjects are better suited to collaborative learning. These web-based e-learning modules are easy to follow in groups and give you the opportunity to learn together with your colleagues.


The term workplace learning has made its appearance in recent years. Essentials are a practical approach to this term. With these micro-courses important knowledge can be gained very quickly, because essentials are never longer than five minutes. Perfect for looking up that one formula in Excel or refreshing actions that need to be repeated periodically.


In these 30-minute live broadcasts, an expert will cover the most important highlights of a topical theme. Dealing with stress, mindfulness at work, smartphone photography and conflict management are just some of the topics available. For added convenience, these can be followed live or watched later.


We like to make learning easy and accessible for your employees. With our podcasts, personal development can happen anytime, anywhere – while on the road, at work or even during a lunchbreak.

Video Feedback

Improve the communication skills of employees in a practical way. With this innovative form of learning, realistic work situations are created to which employees respond with the help of a video, learning to deal with difficult issues and work situations in an active and practical way.


Without knowing where you are now, it is difficult to determine what your final goal is. That’s why our assessments allow employees to gain insights into their own skills, strengths and weaknesses. By answering propositions they find out where their talents lie, making it easier to shape their personal development.

250+ online modules

Let your employees discover unlimited training courses in various areas such as communication, time management, personal effectiveness, collaboration, language and much more.

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