Increasing exercise in the office

Ever found yourself slumping into your couch after a day crammed with meetings, emails, and relentless screen time, only to realize you’ve barely moved beyond the confines of your office chair? It’s a familiar scene for many of us caught in the whirlwind of a 9-to-5 lifestyle, where the majority of our waking hours are spent tethered to a desk, with our only ‘exercise’ being the daily commute or the occasional stroll to the kitchen.

We all understand the mantra “exercise is vital for health,” yet integrating it into our office-bound routines feels more like a puzzle we can’t quite solve. How do we break free from this cycle and inject some much-needed movement into our increasingly stationary lives? Now is the time to build movement into your working day!

Tip 1: Get your own drinks

It’s always nice to be treated with a cup of coffee by one of your colleagues. But in future, think twice before you say yes to that question. We drink an average of 2.4 cups of coffee per day. If we assume that you are moving for at least 5 minutes for this (walking to the coffee machine, standing waiting for the coffee, walking back to your workplace) then you will be moving for at least 12 minutes a day. So, getting up and out of your chair for whatever reason, is good for you.

Tip 2: Take a walk

Taking breaks during work is important, as it allows you to maintain your focus and keeps you fresher during the day. If you do take a break, try combine this with a short walk. Take lunch ‘on the go’ and explore the area around the office or your home if you’re working remotely.

Tip 3: Change your outward and return journey

Think about combining your round trip to work with some exercise. If you’re arriving by car, park a bit further away, or try to fit in a session at the gym before or after work. Are you closer enough to walk or take a bike if it’s safe to do so?

Tip 4: Work standing up

Have you heard of a sit-stand desk? You can move them up and down to vary your work posture. By properly alternating between sitting and standing working, you get better blood circulation throughout the body, which gives you better concentration. Take a look at what options there are within your organisation to opt for sit-stand desks.

Tip 5: Exercise with colleagues

By making movement a shared responsibility, colleagues can support each other in this way. For example, agree to do five minutes of office exercises sometime during the day, which will help to stretch your muscles. Go to the gym at lunchtime with a friend, enter a team at a fun event, or meet up at a pilates class after work.

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