How you as a manager can build a strong and happy team

As a manager, your primary objective is to meet team goals. However, a good manager is aware that success is predicated on the strength and satisfaction of the team. But how do you build a successful team? Below, we share five important aspects on how to build a strong and happy team.

Embrace the diversity of your team

It’s important that your team members complement each other, as each has their own qualities. That is why you need to figure out how to work effectively with the talents of your team. This way, you can delegate tasks succesfully and make sure that your employees enjoy what they do. When everyone has their own tasks that suit them, they will also take responsibility for them.
Sit down with your team members and discuss each other’s qualities and which ones they would like to work on. This transparency may also reveal skill gaps, potentially signalling the need for new talent.

Encourage employee engagement

Do your employees feel involved within the organisation and team goals? Engaged employees demonstrate a marked increase in productivity, up to 21%. If employees are only recipients and not allowed to contribute, they will not feel very motivated to bring out the best in themselves.
Shift away from a one-way dissemination of tasks; instead, create a collaborative environment where employees contribute ideas and feedback. Remember, sharing responsibility not only lightens your own workload, but also instils a sense of trust and appreciation in your employees.

TIP: Don't be afraid to give your employees some responsibility. It takes the weight off your shoulders and gives the employee a sense of trust and value.

Nurture ambition

Ambitious employees thrive on challenges and aspire to progress within their roles. They are valuable assets to any organisation. You need to be able to guide and assist them with their growth. Facilitate their development by staying aware of their career aspirations and providing the necessary resources for their development. Implementing an online learning platform offers a practical solution, granting access to a variety of online courses.

Be understanding

Mutual respect and understanding are cornerstones of a happy team. Invest time in deepening interpersonal relationships and uncovering what motivates each member. Understanding individual communication styles and core values can lead to greater harmony and cooperation.
For example, get to know each other better by following the Communication style Scan on our online learning platform. With the in-depth results that come from this, you can start meaningful dialogues.

Prioritise fun!

A staggering number of employees experience strained relationships with their managers. You can imagine that this won’t make your employees very happy. To combat this, focus on creating a positive, more personable bond with your team. Bonding outside of traditional work settings can significantly enhance team morale. Arrange social outings, such as team dinners or group activities like bowling or escape rooms, to break the ice and foster friendships. You will see that you’ll grow stronger as a team and that it won’t be as hard for employees to get out of bed in the morning.
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