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Employees need to be able to access your specific organisation content quickly and easily. This could be an onboarding video, your policies manual or even a specific business process for employees. It is also at this entry point into your organisation that you have the chance to get your employees on board, and really inspire and enable them as valued members of your team. Here’s how to make your learning content as effective as possible.

Ensure low-threshold availability

In today’s instant world, employees need to be able to access any learning content as easily as possible. Carefully consider where and how you want to make this available, whether via an existing platform or intranet. Alternatively decide if you are going to implement something fresh and new. There are a number of learning content frameworks available to you on our learning platform. You can create your own content online in as little as five minutes, make it centrally available to a large group of employees or even link it to an existing intranet or platform.

Make navigation easy

One of the challenges in creating learning materials for your company information is to make the content concise but comprehensive. When it comes to crafting your learning modules it is important to help the reader move through your copy logically. A helpful “copy hack” is to think ahead about a chronological order of your information and where it makes sense to split the text using a new chapter or subtitle, do so. This tip can save you a lot of work afterwards. Remember to add a contents page to help your employees navigate seamlessly through each module. 

Make it visual

You know what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. Consider the information that you want to share and where possible, make it visually appealing. Use photos, videos, charts and infographics or include a video if you have one that is relevant. SkillsTown uses a number of learning solutions to share content with employees because everyone learns in their own way. In our experience making content as visual as possible has been key to our clients’ success. 

Work with a head, trunk and tail

Good preparation is half the job. Before you start creating your content, think carefully about what you want to achieve and what content is necessary to achieve this goal. Based on this, decide on the topics you want to include and divide them into chapters. Include an introduction (head), body (trunk) and conclusion (tail). By adhering to this structure you will help employees absorb the content in a logical and memorable way. 

Collect feedback

Feedback is essential to repeating your employee learning success. As soon as your employees start using your learning content it is crucial to assess if it is relevant and connecting with your target group. Are they missing certain topics? Are all of the explanations clear? Were they able to apply the knowledge or theory in practice? Try to gather as much information as possible to enable you to continually update and improve your content. You can do this in a personal conversation with colleagues or in bigger organisations, by means of an evaluation form. 

We have helped many organisations to create their content libraries and share their knowledge with their staff using our innovative online learning platform. Contact us today to book a demo and we will show you how it can be done easily and professionally.

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