How to motivate your employees to learn

At SkillsTown we are often asked how company leaders can keep employees motivated to continually develop themselves. Here are three top tips that will help you to boost an appetite for consistent learning in your organisation.

1. Solidify your organisational social connection

We are all social by nature (even if by different degrees of intensity). The Coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdowns have shown that we like to be connected and in contact with others. Often we find and stay better connected with our purpose through remaining in contact with other people. This is why it is so important to integrate the social factor within the learning and development process.

If you want to motivate your employees to learn, consider addressing them together – as a department, as a team, as a group or as a company. This approach will demonstrate to them that together they can make a difference and influence each other in a positive way. It will go a long way to lift and maintain both motivation and work performance levels.

2. Speak value in performance messaging

We all want to feel valued. The best way to do this in the workplace is by proving ourselves and making a contribution.

In this pursuit of performance, employees are actually unconsciously engaged in developing themselves because in order to be able to perform, you need soft skills such as perseverance, how to deal with criticism and what effective communication looks like. These are all forms of development that have an organisation-wide impact from personal career progression to departmental and holistic organisational performance strength.

3. Remain authentic in rewarding staff

Sometimes employees need a helping hand to get started on an individual task or team goal, and offering a reward is a great way to do this. This can be a physical reward such as money or time-off, but also something as simple as professional acknowledgement or even some positive attention after a long, difficult week.
Taking the time to care and connect with your staff on an emotional and personal level will make them feel appreciated and can motivate them to be the very best that they can be.

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